By [Adronis NIYONGABO] Economist, Employee of ABG


In the heart of East Burundi, AGASEKE FM-IJWI RY’INTWARI MW’ITERAMBERE stands as a dynamic force, propelling the region towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. This community radio serves not only as a source of information but as a catalyst for positive change, engaging the local population in the pursuit of a sustainable, educational, and equitable future.

Contributions to Specific SDGs

Goal 2: Zero Hunger


This flagship program creates a platform for farmers and herders to share successes and challenges, promoting innovative agricultural practices and strengthening cohesion within the farming community. Information campaigns catalyze the development of the agri-food sector, laying the foundations for sustainable food security.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Program: Regular broadcasts on responsible water management

AGASEKE FM assumes the role of a water guardian, raising awareness about the crucial importance of clean water and sanitation. Regularly broadcast practical advice becomes a guide in the responsible management of water, while reports on local projects encourage increased participation in improving access to clean water.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being


This program provides comprehensive educational information on maternal and child health, transcending barriers within the community. Interviews with healthcare professionals instill confidence in available services, and awareness campaigns on family planning strengthen reproductive health.

Goal 3

Goal 4: Quality Education


The program becomes the hub where youth discuss education and the preservation of Burundian culture. Emphasizing equal opportunities for all, the radio stimulates the desire to learn and thrive, building bridges towards an inclusive educational future.

Goal 5: Gender Equality


The program becomes a powerful voice, narrating the successes of local women and breaking stereotypes. Enlightening discussions on challenges and solutions contribute to building a landscape where gender equality thrives.

Goals 6 to 8: Clean Energy, Decent Work, and Responsible Consumption and Production

Program: Regular broadcasts on sustainable living

The station assumes the role of a change agent in the transition to sustainable lifestyles. Regularly broadcasting information on renewable energies, employment opportunities, and responsible consumption practices creates a conducive dynamic for ethical economic growth.


AGASEKE FM-IJWI RY’INTWARI MW’ITERAMBERE is not just a radio station; it is an embodiment of the spirit of sustainable development. Through insightful and committed programming, it has succeeded in educating, mobilizing, and inspiring the local population. This example illustrates the transformative power of community media in achieving the SDGs. AGASEKE FM remains an inspiration, a pillar of the East Burundi community determined to make the 2030 Agenda a vibrant and prosperous reality.

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